Articles about fashion

Cherry Massia

‘Underground’ heroine

This Sevillian designer translates haute couture codes into a powerful urban concept that reflects on the past, present, and future. Nathy Peluso, La Zowi, or Milena Smit have already worn her pieces.

Eikō Ai

Light and good vibes

Eikō Ai delves into a fashion concept inspired by nature and based on the transformative power of light to convey good vibes and get the people who wear their garments to feel good.

Antonio Marcial

Genderless stitches

Officially, Antonio Marcial’s work is described as elegant, comfortable, and inclusive; informally, it talks about revisionism. Redefining what gender is and is not, deconstructing to build anew. Which will you choose?


Body of desire

Defending the body’s sensuality far from political correctness. From this perspective, emerging brand Alejandre promotes female empowerment and breaks the taboos associated to silhouettes.

Redondo Brand

To the rescue of elegance

In his debut on the runway, Redondo Brand has reached a milestone reserved for the chosen few: the award for best collection at the 75th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM).

Jaime Álvarez - Mans

Long live the tailor

Jaime Álvarez goes over tailoring codes from the perspective of a new masculinity. His impeccable designs are embellished with colourful bows, unbelievable prints, and are even caressed by silks and leathers.


A wardrobe by chapters

To design pieces that stand the test of time and have the capacity to transform in its wake. This is the sustainable motto of Corsicana, a brand that doesn’t believe in traditional collections, rather in fashion chapters that tell a story.

Pablo Erroz

Design without labels

Curiosity, courage, commitment and, above all, a constant quest for connections between disciplines and languages. Under Pablo Erroz’s inquisitive gaze, design becomes infinite.


The luxury of reusing

Gabriel Nogueiras is the person behind Rubearth, which has sustainably developed a project that combines personality, creativity, and commitment. His latest collection, Fat Man, has granted him the 2021 Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent Award.

404 Studio

Cult of Crochet

We chat with Anäis Vauxcelles, founder and director of 404 Studio, the creative workshop awarded as the best emerging collection of the year in the latest run of the MBFWB. A vision of contemporary and sustainable fashion.