Articles about r&d

Eleonora Viezzer

Female science

Clean, safe, and inexhaustible energy. This is the legacy physicist Eleonora Viezzer, alongside other scientists, dreams of passing on to new generations. Female collaboration will be indispensable for this wish to come true.

Carlos Duarte

The future of the planet

Changing the message from pessimism to hope. This is what Carlos Duarte, one of the most renowned oceanographers worldwide and winner of the MadBlue Five Oceans Award, asks regarding climate change.

Mirian Galán

Love for education

Spain has one of the best teachers in the world. The prestigious Global Teacher Award recently confirmed this. Her name is Mirian Galán. Do you want to learn about her innovative method?

Josefa Ros Velasco

The disease of boredom

For Josefa Ros Velasco, 2022 Spanish National Research Award, boredom is negative because it creates discomfort, but, at the same time, it has a positive side: it encourages us to take the next step and grow as people.

Gorka Orive

The humanist scientist

Gorka Orive, one of the most relevant researchers in Spain, analyses the health challenges we currently face and the keys to a more sustainable and innovative future.

Javier Cacho

A human being in Antartica

Antarctica has become a second home for Javier Cacho. This Spanish physicist, whose studies on the area’s ozone managed to slow down the hole’s growth, has an island named after him.

Sonia Fernández-Vidal

Entertaining science

Sonia Fernández-Vidal’s great passion is science. And it shows. Her eagerness for bringing science closer to the general public has led her to teach at university, give talks at international symposiums, and even publish several successful books.

David Romero

Towards a circular economy

David Romero’s life wouldn’t make sense without R&D&I. Embodying it is, in his own words, the key to progress. One of those inspirations became an exhalation called Reciclalia.

Aleix Megías

Passion for space

At the young age of 25, Aleix Megías had already been through the European Space Agency and founded his own company: Open Cosmos. Today we get to know this young prodigy who attributes everything to passion, hard work, and... luck.

Edgar Martín-Blas

Explorer of the metaverse

If the Internet shook up our world, how overarching could the impact of the metaverse be? Edgar Martín-Blas, one of the leading experts on the metaverse in Spain, answers this question and invites us to join the expedition.