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One step away from The Latin GRAMMYs™

Prairies, mangroves, deserts, snow-covered mountains, jungles... These landscapes, which are part of different Colombian ecosystems, fill Maréh’s latest album (‘Tierra de promesas’). This singer-songwriter is nominated to two Latin GRAMMY™ Awards.

Tu Otra Bonita

Beyond labels

Tu Otra Bonita is a band that has had to ‘sweat’ for each listener, as they themselves admit. After the success of ‘Crema’, they’re adding the finishing touches to their next album while preparing for a mini-tour across music halls in November.


A ground wire

Depedro’s music has the power to transport you to faraway lands: Latin America, North America, even Africa. A musical journey that is the result of the connections he’s established throughout his career.

Javier Perianes

The honest pianist

Javier Perianes, one of the most internationally renowned Spanish pianists, defends honesty when playing an instrument as the key to reaching the audience, over technical skill.

James Rhodes

Travelling inwards

Being in love with the creative process itself is what keeps pianist James Rhodes hooked on music, literature and photography. We went inside his home to get to know him a little better.


Music to fly high

Aitana somehow inherited her talent for music from her artistic grandfather from Jaén, whom she never met. Today, she flies high with her songs, and brings her fans along for the ride.

Itziar Ituño and Rozalén

The soundtrack of our life

Itziar Ituño and Rozalén were the protagonists of the first meeting held at Espacio Iberia. Under the title ‘Lyrics and music. How to write a song', they shared their creative process.

Sebastián Yatra

The voice of Ibero-America

Curiosity and courage are what helped Sebastián Yatra transcend music to try his luck in the world of film. And he did so in Spanish as his hallmark, making Ibero-America proud.

Fernando Velázquez

A cinema musician

Sometimes just a few notes are enough to remember a film and feel moved again. Composer Fernando Velázquez, one of the most renowned and well-respected in Spain, knows what we’re talking about.


A relaxed friendship

Two friends with no other ambition than to make “relaxed pop” to have fun and entertain people. The Besmaya formula seems simple, but behind it is a lot of talent and many hours spent together.