Espacio Iberia

A synonym of talent

06/12/2024 · By Roberto C. Rascón
Flamenco was the focus at Espacio Iberia with the presence of Soleá Morente and Estrella Morente
Flamenco was the focus at Espacio Iberia with the presence of Soleá Morente and Estrella Morente.

Talent comes together at Espacio Iberia. Singer Estrella Morente, athlete Diego García Carrera, designer María Escoté or producer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo are some of the talented people who have been hosted at the pop-up that the airline opened at Gran Vía in Madrid, which will last until the end of July. These gatherings are a huge success and are delighting visitors.

Espacio Iberia’s programming does not stop and every week it hosts a series of gatherings to do with talent. Because Soleá Morente reinterpreting the flamenco her father taught her, Irene Sánchez-Escribano jumping over hurdles on the track, Marina Tuset blending musical genres from around the world or Chino Moya directing music videos by international stars like St. Vincent are different expressions of the same gift: talent. Do you want to get to know the latest events held at Espacio Iberia?

Iberia Talento a bordo Team: meeting with Irene Sánchez-Escribano and Diego García Carrera (14th of May)
Passion for athletics. This is what Irene Sánchez-Escribano, eight-time athletics champion in Spain of 3000m steeplechase, and Diego García Carrera, current European bronze-medallist for 20-km race walking, feel for their sports and what they conveyed to the audience at Espacio Iberia. A few months before the Games in Paris, these members of the Iberia Talento a bordo Team went over their sporting career, confessed their prep secrets and shared their feelings about the big day. On the 5th of June, Espacio Iberia also hosted the première of the Equipo Iberia Talento a bordo. Next destination: Paris documentary, an event that included the participation of its protagonists and Pau Gasol, Iberia’s ambassador for cultural change.

Así en el cielo como en el infierno: lecciones de estilo para saber estar en todas partes [In hell as it is in heaven: style lessons to know how to be anywhere] (16th of May)
With her colourful prints, a hallmark of her brand, María Escoté has become a Spanish fashion role model, and her influence transcends borders. Big stars like Beyoncé, Katy Perry or Zendaya have worn some of her designs. Daring and brave, her leap onto television as a judge on the Spanish TV programme Maestros de la costura, alongside Palomo Spain and Lorenzo Caprile, has turned her into a celebrity. During her talk at Espacio Iberia alongside Carmen Mañana, director of Glamour magazine, she shared a series of style tips to achieve something seemingly easy, but equally hard: knowing how to be.

Heredar el flamenco: comprender el pasado para dar forma a su futuro [Inheriting flamenco: understanding the past to shape its future] (21st of May)
Flamenco is in Estrella Morente and Soleá Morente’s blood. Alongside their father, the memorable Enrique Morente, they learnt the keys to a genre that, without turning its back on its roots, is constantly evolving. Estrella, who has just released an album paying homage to La Niña de los Peines alongside guitarist Rafael Riqueni, Estrella & Rafael, focuses more on that original flamenco, whereas Soleá blends it with more contemporary sounds with the help of artists like Guille Milkyway (La Casa Azul), whom she’s preparing her new album with. Moderated by journalist César Suárez, editor-in-chief of culture magazine Telva, these sisters shared their passion for flamenco.

Ángeles y demonios: las inspiraciones cinematográficas [Angels and Demons: cinematographic inspirations] (23rd of May)
With his first work behind the camera, Esposados (1996), Juan Carlos Fresnadillo received an Oscar nomination, and with Intacto (2001), his long debut, he won the Goya for Best New Director. No small feat. Considered one of the most promising producers of his generation, he flew to the United Kingdom to direct 28 Weeks Later (2007). His film collection, shot both in Spain and abroad, currently ends with Damsel, one of the latest successes on a well-known streaming platform. Alongside journalist Marta Medina, this fan of thrillers analysed his biggest influences at an essential event for film buffs at Espacio Iberia.

La Feria del Libro de Madrid despega con Iberia. Conectando el talento [Madrid Book Fair takes off with Iberia. Connecting talent] (29th of May)
A few hours before the start of the 83rd edition of Madrid Book Fair, Espacio Iberia hosted a round table with Giselle Etcheverry, curator of literary and thought-provoking projects, Juan Casamayor, founder and editor-in-chief of Páginas de Espuma, Claudia Neira, director of the Festival Centroamérica Cuenta, and Andrea Stefanoni, writer and founder of La Mistral bookshop. Moderated by the director of the Fair herself, Eva Orúe, this conversation revolved around the efforts made on both sides of the pond to discover new talent and transcend physical boundaries, becoming a celebration of the Ibero-American literary universe.

Marina Tuset in concert (30th of May)
With a Latin Grammy under her belt, which she received for her first album (Canto a la imaginación), for Best Engineered Album, Marina Tuset landed at Espacio Iberia. Thanks to her close connection with Latin America, which has led her to collaborate with musicians such as Colombian Maréh or Dominican Vicente García, this Catalan artist had just come back from a successful mini-tour in Colombia and Brazil. Attendees got to enjoy her compositions, which unabashedly move between soul, jazz, bossa nova and pop, turning creative freedom into one of her distinguishing traits.

El Rey León y Aladdín: los musicales que triunfan en la Gran Vía [The Lion King and Aladdin: successful musicals at Gran Vía] (4th of June)
The Spanish production of The Lion King has been on at Gran Vía in Madrid for almost 13 years. An unprecedented success that the newcomer, Aladdin, aspires to emulate. Musicals have become a phenomenon that attracts thousands of spectators but, what is the day-to-day of these performances like? What happens backstage? How do its artists prepare? These and many more questions were answered by two of their leading performers —Agustín Argüello (Simba in the Spanish production of The Lion King) and David Comrie (Genie in the Spanish production of Aladdin)— at Espacio Iberia during a conversation moderated by Laura Peláez, collaborator of La Sala on Radio Nacional de España (RNE).

Elige tu propia película con Chino Moya: así se hace cine con Inteligencia Artificial [Choose your own film with Chino Moya: this is how films are made with Artificial Intelligence] (6th of June)
What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on film? Chino Moya, whose first feature-length film (Undergods) included producer Ridley Scott and was described by Screendaily magazine as an “arresting first feature [that] blends sci-fi and fantasy”, came to Espacio Iberia to answer precisely this question. Today, it’s already possible to make a film using AI, but a creative human mind is always needed, defends the filmmaker. Alongside cultural journalist Borja Bas, he explained how to create sequences using apps within everyone’s reach, like Midjourney or Runway. A live demonstration that included the active participation of attendees.