Espacio Iberia 2024

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04/17/2024 · By Redacción TAB
Espacio Iberia 2024
Espacio Iberia will open its doors in Madrid's Gran Vía street between April 17 and July 31.

Espacio Iberia reopens its doors in Madrid after its success in Bogotá and Mexico City. Visitors will be able to enjoy different experiences, gatherings, and activities from the 17th of April until the 31st of July. The best way to experience Iberia airplanes onboard and highlight the value of Hispanic talent. This third edition is expected to surpass the number of visitors of the previous edition; more than 22,500 people!

Espacio Iberia reopens its doors in Madrid! Located in the centre, on Gran Vía, 48, it will be open from the 17th of April until the 31st of July (Monday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 9 pm). A space spanning 1,100 m2 where visitors will be able to pilot a plane through a flight simulator, remember the history of Iberia while entering the cockpit of a Rohrbach Roland —the plane the company started its commercial activity with in 1927—, try the different menus that are currently served onboard, and take part in cooking shows and wine, beer, and coffee tastings, as well as enjoy meeting celebrities from the world of culture or sports. Are you coming?

In its previous edition, Espacio Iberia welcomed more than 22,500 people, 41% more than the first edition. Former basketball player Pau Gasol, singer Rozalén, actor Gorka Otxoa or designer Teresa Helbig, among many others, delighted visitors. After this overwhelming success, Espacio Iberia flew across the pond as proof of Iberia’s commitment to culturally bring together Spain and Latin America. This experience landed in two of the company’s most historical destinations: Bogotá (from the 20th of September to the 11th of October, 2023) and Mexico City (from the 1st to the 21st of March, 2024). A commitment to cultural exchange within the Spanish-speaking world which welcomed more than 5,800 people to the capital of Colombia and more than 9,000 to the Mexican capital.

After its stint in Latin America, Espacio Iberia is back in Spain with the following activities:

  • Climb aboard an A350         

Visitors can get to know the company’s latest airplane and check out how comfortable its business class and tourist seats are. A way to experience what flying with Iberia is like without leaving the ground.

  • Get to know the history of Iberia

Time travel is possible in Espacio Iberia. How? By stepping inside the cockpit of the Rohrbach Roland, the plane the company started its commercial activity with in 1927. Visitors can also take home a video as a keepsake.

  • Pilot an airplane (simulator)

The most exciting immersive experience at Espacio Iberia. Visitors can learn first-hand what it is like to fly a plane. The destination will change every week, so you’ll want to come back again and again.

  • Gastronomic experiences

A wide range of gastronomic events, including tasting the business and premium tourist menus that are served onboard Iberia planes, all inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Guests will also enjoy cooking shows by a well-known top chef who will make tapas, a wine tasting by a professional sommelier, a beer tasting with a master brewer, and a coffee tasting with a coffee expert. Lastly, visitors will have the chance to celebrate the Destino Iberia tasting in commemoration of the company’s 75-year anniversary which consists of flying to Puerto Rico tasting rum cocktails made by a bartender. All these activities will be carried out with products served onboard.

  • Come to the Talento a bordo Meetings

Sharing Spanish talent cannot be done without its leading proponents. So, Espacio Iberia will welcome celebrities from the world of culture and sports to the Talento a bordo Meetings. This year will focus particularly on the connection between Spanish and Latin American talent.

Espacio Iberia will also host a virtual reality experience using a state-of-the-art headset. The Espacio Iberia Plus area will delve into all the advantages of the Iberia Plus programme. A series of free activities where visitors will have a unique onboard experience and which turn Espacio Iberia into a meeting point for entertainment and culture.

  • Live radio programme: Julia en la onda (Thursday 18th – 3 pm)

Live broadcast of the radio programme Julia en la Onda on Onda Cero, presented by journalist Julia Otero.

  • Dramatized readings (Saturday 20th – 6 pm)

Actors Somaya Taoufiki and Ayoub El Hilali, who belong to the racialised group at the Academia de las Artes Escénicas de España (AAEE), will perform a dramatized reading in Spanish with fragments from Birds of a Kind by Wajdi Mouawad.

  • Theatre creation and management in Latin America (Sunday 21st – 12 pm)

Because of the celebration of the second Talía Awards, Iberia and AAEE will organise a round table bringing together the nominees from this edition with the winners of the first to share their view of the performing arts in the Spanish-speaking community in the Americas.

  • Learn how to laugh in public: workshop to improve your social life (Tuesday 23rd – 7 pm)

Laughter is guaranteed with the presence of two of the most well-known comedians in the country: Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, former members of the iconic group Muchachada Nui. Do you know how to count the right jokes and when to say them? Friends for many years, they will answer these questions and share some simple keys to preserve our friendships (and survive them).

  • Ladies, gentlemen, and electric shamans: a blind reading date (Thursday 25th – 7.30 pm)

Ecuadorian writer Mónica Ojeda, who presents her latest novel (Chamanes eléctricos en la fiesta del sol) and Spanish writer Laura Fernández, author of the recent Damas, caballeros y planetas, stand out as outstanding voices of the new narrative in Spanish. Although they share a feminine universe and a devotion to neo-gothic literature, they have never coincided. During the chat, they will give each other a book and a rose —for Sant Jordi— and will share their reading tastes with those present.

  • Passengers in transit: the (crazy) adventure of travelling with Isabel Calderón and Lucía Lijtmaer (Tuesday 30th – 7 pm)

Journalist Isa Calderón and writer Lucía Lijtmaer, who head the successful podcast Deforme semanal for the past eight years and with two Premios Ondas, chat about their experiences travelling and share their funniest anecdotes. With their unique blend of culture, humor, politics and feminism, only they can turn the adventure of traveling into a hilarious chat.