Espacio Iberia 2023

Where talent comes together

07/07/2023 · By Redacción TAB
Espacio Iberia

Talent grows when it connects so, for this reason, Iberia decided to bring together different celebrities from the world of culture and sport at Espacio Iberia. Hundreds of people attended these events to discover first-hand the creative process of actors, singers, designers, chefs or writers and where they find inspiration for their talent to take flight.

Espacio Iberia, located just a few metres from Puerta del Sol in Madrid (Calle Maestro Victoria, 3), opened its doors from the 25th of May until the 1st of July. During that time, it became a meeting point for Spanish talent. All kind of celebrities from the world of culture attended: actor Gorka Otxoa, photographer Gervasio Sánchez, designer Teresa Helbig, producer Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, chef Dabiz Muñoz, writer Elvira Lindo, designer Palomo Spain, actress Natalia Millán, world debating champion in Spanish Leonel Caschetto, former basketball player José Manuel Calderón or athletes from the Iberia Talento a bordo Team, among others.

The space also displayed the portraits of six women who work at Iberia, taken by photographer Estela de Castro, which were part of the exhibition Talento a bordo. The world needs photographers that continue to capture it. Likewise, also in collaboration with PHotoEspaña, it hosted a round table where photographers, designers and producers like Lala Serrano, Marina Meyer or Juanma Carrillo addressed the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence to different artistic fields.

Let’s go over the events held at Espacio Iberia:

  • 31st of May. How to make a TV series. Gorka Otxoa and Diego San José.
  • 2nd of June. Experiencing war to tell its story. Gervasio Sánchez and Mónica Gª Prieto.
  • 6th of June. To feed us separately. Mikel López Iturriaga (El comidista) and Inés Hernand.
  • 8th of June. The goal: Paris. Iberia Talento a bordo Team.
  • 9th of June. Wearing your identity. Palomo Spain.
  • 14th of June. Knowing how to speak. Leonel Caschetto and Irene Bailón.
  • 16th of June. The piano has the last word. Rosa Torres-Pardo, Antonio Lucas and Gioconda Belli.
  • 19th of June. How to build a film. Alauda Ruiz de Azúa.
  • 20th of June. Musical theatre, a separate genre. Natalia Millán and Julio Bravo.
  • 22nd of June. Evolving images. PHotoEspaña round table: Lala Serrano, Marina Meyer, Juanma Carrillo and Lucas Ortiz.
  • 27th of June. Flying, eating, creating. Dabiz Muñoz and Carlos Latre.
  • 28th of June. Dressing a character. Teresa Helbig and Elvira Lindo.
  • 29th of June. What basketball teaches us. José Manuel Calderón.