Spanish designers

New fashion walks the runway

02/15/2024 · By Roberto C. Rascón
The EGO runway, within the framework of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, shines a spotlight on emerging talent
The EGO runway, within the framework of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, shines a spotlight on emerging talent. © MBFWM

Generation after generation, Spanish fashion updates its talent. And the pool of young designers is endless. Creators like Aitor Goikoetxea, Boltad, Rubearth, Ernesto Naranjo, or Pepa Salazar, recent award winners on the EGO runway —dedicated to emerging talent— within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, are full of sustainable and avantgarde ideas. At the next edition, which young designers will take over?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will bring together the greatest fashion talent in Spain, from the 15th to the 19th of February. The most renowned designers, like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Elio Berhanyer, Pablo Erroz, Hannibal Laguna, Malne, Pedro del Hierro, Encinar, Roberto Torreta or Mans, among others, will present their new collections. But a group of young designers called on to take over will also have their chance to shine. Since 2006, MBFWM celebrates the EGO runway, a space dedicated to emerging talent that has recognised creators like Aitor Goikoetxea, Boltad, Rubearth, 404 Studio, Dominnico, Ernesto Naranjo, or Pepa Salazar. Its aim is to support new designers, acknowledging their creativity and offering them the visibility they need to take their first steps in this industry. Discover who will take part in the next edition below.


Anystudio is born from merging the talents of Lorenzo Binard and Elisabet Vallecillo. When they met in 2020, they soon realised that the shared the same concerns and sensibilities. Match! This is how they came up with a gender-neutral design brand, focused on enjoying the creative process and breaking the rules. At EGO they will present a collection that steps away from social conventions because, they assure us, “we want each person to feel comfortable dressing however they like.”


Galician designer Amara Caruncho is the person behind Coconutscankill since 2018. With boundless creativity, this designer plays with several techniques to offer unique garments. Sommet, the collection she’ll show at EGO, focuses, in her own words, “on the essence and material as the highest point of the creative process.” Last year, she was granted the EGO Confidence in Fashion Award.


In 2022, Joan Ribas founded the brand Dimoni, which reinterprets streetwear garments, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, or jeans, using dead stock, second-hand garments, or organic materials. Sustainability is therefore one of his hallmarks. TT, the collection that will see the light at EGO, combines a more rough and aggressive gym culture, with ultra-feminine draping, resulting in haute couture pieces that we could all have in our wardrobe.

Adrià Egea

Adrià Egea’s inspiration has a name: Micaela, his grandmother. This designer born in Badalona admits that he always has her in mind when creating his designs, even subconsciously. The afternoons he used to spend at her house, while she made her own garments, inspired his passion for fashion. At EGO, he’ll be presenting Error Series 3.0, a collection where he “immerses himself in a world tinted with doubt and darkness” with black as the star.

Oriol Clavell

Artists like Kylie Minogue, Machine Gun Kelly, or Bimini have already worn pieces by this Catalan designer settled in London. A graduate from the London College of Fashion in 2022, his final collection won the Real Leather Apparel UK Award, catching the attention of the international press. For his debut on this runway in Madrid, this designer imagines what a queer reign that breaks the rules would be like and, to achieve this, he combines craftsmanship with new technologies, like 3D printing.

Evade House

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Evangelina Julia founded her own brand: Evade House. This designer and visual artist combines fashion with other forms of expression, like video. In 2022, she won the EGO Confidence in Fashion, which was an endorsement of her career. Since then, leading fashion headliners like Vogue, Autre Mag, or Coeval have talked about her creations. With 006 COLLECTION, which bets on reinterpreting used clothes, she hopes to conquer this runway in Madrid again.

Juan VG

Juan VG’s fashion is founded on the concept of upcycling, which is based on creatively reusing products and waste, which is different from recycling in that the final product is of better quality, greater economic value, and more eco-friendly. The brand’s aesthetic combines 1990s grunge with the classicism typical of a city like Valladolid. With his collection for EGO, Gamberrxs, he aims to “create an atmosphere that encourages rebellion.”

Peter Sposito Studio

For Peter Sposito, fashion is a form of artistic expression. Mixing styles and deconstructing garments, alongside distinct showmanship combining historical and street style, are his hallmarks. The RTW Couture collection he’ll be presenting at EGO “immerses itself in the essence of life itself —being born, growing up, adapting, and dying— represented by the seasons of the year,” he explains. And he does this without drama, focusing on life as a constant lesson.

Visori Studio

Javier Soria has been part of the fashion world for more than 20 years, but now, through Visori Studio, is when his work is receiving more recognition. His pieces, many handmade by himself, reflect his personality. The creator of the acclaimed wardrobe for the musical Malinche, artists like Lali Espósito, Arca or Danna Paola wear his garments. Punk, a trend which he declares “electrocuted the entire world”, has been his inspiration for Voltio, the collection he’ll be presenting at EGO.

The EGO runway will be rounded off with a show by Mexican brand Toronero, led by Emilio de Anda. At the same time, there will be a showroom featuring 15 young designer brands: Alejandre (Sandra Peñaranda), Tania Marcial, María Lunares, Keperezaxiko (Pablo Bosch), Brave Of (Esther Cortés) or Cherry Massía (Irene Romero), among others. A showcase where they’ll be able to share their latest creations and attendees will be able to purchase the garments.