About us

We humans have the enormous capacity to create our own reality, to imagine new and better horizons. It is a force within that always pushes us to exceed our limits. This ability, this vocation, this skill is what we call talent.

At Iberia, we are truly passionate about Spanish talent, as we have proven throughout our history, sponsoring our national sports teams, or collaborating with entities such as the Prado Museum or PhotoESPAÑA, to name but a few examples.

Talento a Bordo aims to support and disseminate talent in any field or discipline. Elevating and connecting with the world the best talent of our country, that of our artists, sportsmen and women and, now more than ever, that of our researchers and scientists, who strive to always give their best, wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm.

Fashion, photography, music, art, sports, gastronomy and R&D meet at Talentoabordo.com to talk about creativity, culture, research and development. That is, about dreams fulfilled and to fulfill and, of course, a lot of talent.

We are aware that there are many people in this country capable of creating something special. But we also know that for talent to shine, it needs someone to enable it to fly. That is our mission and our commitment.

We help talent fly high!